Healthcare for the 21st Century

Frustrated with your health problems?

Had it with expensive doctors who can’t help you?

Tired of taking medicines that don’t work?

At Quantum Link Wellness, we know how you feel...

What’s different about Quantum Link Wellness:

Chronic health issues are our specialty. We enjoy working with people who have health issues that are very complicated—digestive problems, infertility, psoriasis, metabolic disorders, autoimmune disorders—especially stubborn problems that haven’t responded well to other therapies.  We use Accunect, Neuroscience Energetics, and BodyTalk.

We notice emotional components of disease. Through our years of treating people with health problems, we’ve discovered that emotions are often a major cause of disease. They usually involve one of three elements: frank emotions (anger, fear, grief, sadness, depression), traumatic events in your life, or negative beliefs about yourself or the world. Once we treat the cause of the blockage, the healing can happen.

We use Energy Medicine. Energy medicine includes neuromuscular biofeedback, or muscle checking, acupuncture channels or meridians, and the innate wisdom of the body-mind complex that can heal you in an instant.

Preventive medicine is the best medicine. By normalizing the immune system and making subtle dietary and lifestyle changes, we can help you improve your health immensely in a very short time. We don’t treat symptoms—we treat the causative factors in disease to create real healing.

Welcome to Quantum Link Wellness
Healthcare for the 21st Century